Heap Shing Manufactory Company Limited, a Hong Kong based company, was first incorporated in 1991 with focus on manufacturing die cast and plastic product for overseas and local customers.

With advanced equipment and machineries, our factory plant is located in Lung Kong Shen Zhen with floor size about 15,000 sq.meters.

In 1996, to further increase our production capacity, we built one more subsidiary Heap Shing Toys Factory (II) with floor area about 25,000 sq.meters and house over 1,500 workers in Dongguan, PRC.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including, prototyping, tooling, engineering, injection molding, die-casting, painting, Pad/silk screen-printing, assembly, Quality control...etc.

To provide customers with confidence, we have been certified by "C.R.S." for complying ISO9001 system in 2004 (Certificate Number: 17975-QMS-3463). Our experienced quality assurance team will be able to ensure that all goods are manufactured with the highest standard.

You are welcome to contact us for further information.
Looking forward to serve you and your company in near future!

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